Sharing a Meal Becomes Easier with Menulog

I had just been promoted to manager and this was going to be my first long meeting with all my staff. Because of this, all of them had also agreed to stay back for a while and get to know each other too, as with my promotion, a lot of other people had also been hired and I practically had a new team.

Getting them to become comfortable and relaxed was important, as my philosophy in life is to make sure that anyone who works with me is like family and they should feel like it. I decided to order their favorite food as part of a communal dinner to make them comfortable, and what better way to do it than with Menulog voucher codes? You can simply avail the 10% off Menulog voucher code and discounted deals of Menulog first order at SuperSaverMama.


And so when the time for the meeting came, I started off with introductions and then also asked them for their favorite foods which I wrote down on a piece of paper. I then took the meeting to serious mode and got my ideas for the company down on the board and presented what my vision for the future was, and then suggested we take a break.

This is when I sprang the surprise that food today was on me. They were so surprised with this that they couldn’t even say anything. I then took that piece of paper with the foods out, and confirmed whether this is what they wanted to eat, and ordered them through the Menulog app.


In the next few minutes the orders started to arrive and we had a wonderful dinner together as a community and a family of workers. Each of the individuals had a different pick and all of us were happy to see what the other had gotten and were sharing and tasting each other’s foods, as well getting to know each other, laughing and having fun. It was a success and everyone was relaxed and happy.

All of this was possible because of Menulog’s system of being able to order multiple orders at the same time. It was also possible because of the Menulog coupon codes which meant that I had not gone broke by the time the order had gone in and ended up saving a lot of money. Because of Menulog, my team of workers now trusts each other more than they ever did. They know each other and share in each other’s lives. And creating that environment was possible only thanks to Menulog.

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